Cool Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake Idea Using the Wilton Elmo Cake Pan

This Elmo Birthday Cake Idea is made with the Wilton Elmo pan. Use one recipe of Wilton’s buttercream icing and color half red, 1/4 black, and leave the rest white. When you are finished with the red, you will add yellow to it to make it orange. Pipe the outline of the mouth and, using a small curved spatula, fill it in with black and smooth it with powdered sugar-coated spatula and/or fingers (washed of course!!

Without piping them, repeat for the eyes in white. Next, apply the red icing with a spatula and pat the icing with the spatula to make peaks all over to resemble fur, as you would meringue on a pie. If you need more red, color the remaining white to match. The nose was done the same as the mouth and eyes but in orange. The pupils of the eyes were piped on with a piping tip or just place about a half a teaspoon of black on the eye, and pat down smooth with your sugar-coated finger.

An extremely simple cake to make and fun to eat! Enjoy!