Coolest Ernie Cupcake Cake Pan Cake

My son LOVES Ernie, and it is hard to find Ernie items especially ones that don’t include his side-kick, Bert. And I don’t like flat sheet cakes, go big or go home! So this Ernie Cupcake Cake Pan Cake is what I came up with for his 2nd Birthday.

I used the Wilton Giant Cupcake cake pan for the cake. Use your favorite cake batter recipe or a box mix. You will also need one cupcake for the ears. I used vanilla buttercream frosting for the orange colored frosting and saved a little before coloring for the whites of the eyes.

I put frosting in between the layers of the cake and then frosted the top of the cake with the orange colored frosting (did a crumb coat first). I then added the cupcake (cut in half and anchored in with a toothpick) for the ears and frosted those.

I used a store bought tube of black frosting for the hair and the eyeball. For the hair I used a large “flower” tip. For the eyes I made two slanted oval shapes with the reserved white frosting and used a small round tip. I let that harden a bit before adding the black eyeballs.

I used a tube of red frosting for the nose and mouth. For the nose I put a larger round tip on and a smaller one for the mouth line. For the slight gap that this cake mold has between the top and bottom layers, I used a tube of yellow frosting to fill in the space (Ernie’s turtleneck color)using a large round tip.

Ernie’s shirt is technically horizontally striped. But the cake pan mold has the vertical lines so I just went with those to make it easier. I used a star tip with red and blue frosting and filled in the spaces.

It was pretty easy, all in all, considering I winged it! I normally make a “practice” cake first and this was the first time I didn’t do that.

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