Coolest Sesame Street Cupcakes

For my son’s second birthday, he was in love with Sesame Street and especially Ernie. So, since there was no Ernie cake pan available, I used the Elmo Cake pan from Wilton. In addition to the Ernie cake we made cupcakes of other characters (Bert, Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Oscar).

To make Ernie we cut the eyes on top of Elmo’s head in the shape of hair and added half a cupcake on each side of the head to be Ernie’s ears.

For the cupcakes we used small candy coated chocolates to make the eyes, and Bert and Elmo’s eyes, and checked for ideas online.

The cake and cupcakes were a hit! My son and all of the parents and children at his party loved them!

Homemade Sesame Street Cupcakes

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  1. Did you have to use Royal icing for decorating? Im just starting to do some decorating and I wanted to do a pre run last night. lets just say his fur looked like spagetti! :( please help.


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