Coolest Ernie Birthday Cake

Benjamin’s first birthday was coming, and like most 1-year-olds, he was obsessed with Sesame Street and Ernie. We looked, but couldn’t find the “just right” cake for him. SO we mix-matched ideas we found, and just decorated it by hand on our own.

The Ernie Birthday Cake was a regular chocolate cake, and we made it in a large, round pan. Then we cut just a little off the bottom and top to make it look SLIGHTLY more “football shaped” (like Ernie’s head – not completely round, more “squished round”). Then we used the extra pieces we cut off to make the ears. We held the ears on with toothpicks and frosting. We put the cake on the serving tray to ice it, and covered it in orange-colored butter cream frosting. Then we cut a hole in the corner of a Ziploc bag to do the piping. It was really easy!

We did the details from a picture we had, but now someone else will be able to look at our cake, and it should be a lot easier. We needed Orange, Red, and Black icing (and then a little bit of pink for his tongue).

It was a huge success and look fantastic!! (tasted good too!!)

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