Coolest Man Sleeping on Sofa Cake

The man sleeping on sofa cake is made in a 20cm by 20cm square tin. When the cake is ready cut the surface to make an even surface (Remove the middle bump that forms when baking cakes). Half of the cake was used for the seat of the sofa and the rest was used for the back of the sofa and the arm rest.

The cake was plain vanilla but I split the cake and put cream chocolate in between. Decide the color of the sofa. I choose light brown and worked 500g of sugarpaste in that color. Once you form the sofa (attach some toothpicks for support for the back of the sofa and the armrest), cover the sofa with the brown sugar paste. I also made the floor in brown sugar paste and designed it so that it looks tiled.

Then I did some green frills to the sofa and also some green rugs. These helped to hide some untidy corners. The man is easy to make make. His legs, the shoes, then make his body and the head. I have put some cushions on the sofa for decoration and I have also added a cushion behind the man’s back so that it could support his body and head. Last but not least I added a dog, then I did the man’s hands so that one of the hands stands on the dog.

Hope you will find my information useful and enjoy baking (decorating).