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Coolest Father’s Day Grill Barbecue Cake

I used the Wilton filling pans to create the Father’s Day Grill Barbecue cake to give the space for the charcoal (marshmallows tossed with black icing). It worked great as the black icing doesn’t completely coat the marshmallows giving it that ash look. I loosely mixed yellow and red icing to make the flames in the grill. The grate was fondant sprinkled with silver flakes.

The burgers were chocolate cupcake tops, the buns were yellow cupcakes with sesame seeds. I put batter directly in pan to give the right look. Icing for the mustard, ketchup and pickles. The fries are Snickerdoodles cut and topped with red writing icing. Sugar cookies work the same, sprinkle with sugar to look like salt. The hot dogs were light brown fondant with a black food marker to make grill marks.

The cake was made with 100% edible ingredients.

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