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Coolest Burger Birthday Cake

I made this Burger Birthday Cake for our state fair and won Best of Show! It is relatively easy and is always a show stopper!

You will need:

1 box of cake mix (yellow mix)

1 box of plain brownie mix

1 can of chocolate (light color, whipped is best) frosting

1 can white frosting (whipped works best)

Various candies to make the burger toppings.

Orange taffy for the cheese (about 4-5 pieces)

Caramels with white in the middle for the bacon

Fruit roll-ups in green and red for the tomato and lettuce

White taffy for the onion

Sesame seeds for the “bun”

Food coloring for the ketchup and mustard

Make up the cake mix and brownie mix as directed on the box. Cook the brownie in a regular round cake pan. Use a glass Pyrex bowl for half the cake mix (fill only about half way) and use a regular round cake pan for the other half of the cake mix. Cook all and let them cool overnight.

Melt the candies and roll them out to look like toppings. I used a round cookie cutter for the tomato and onion. Roll the caramels out so they look long and thin like bacon.

Mix a small amount of white frosting in with the chocolate until it looks “bun” color. Divide the remaining white frosting into two bowls and use red food coloring to make ketchup, use yellow food coloring to make mustard.

Assemble your burger. Place the bottom round cake on the bottom. Top with a little frosting (and frost sides) and place the brownie next. Frost the brownie lightly and add your toppings making sure they are hanging out the sides. Place your bun on top and frost the top and sides. Add a small amount of sesame seeds on top. Add ketchup and mustard along the edges of the burger for the final touch. Enjoy!

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