13 years old and the boys are really into the hot sports cars. My son wanted a homemade Ferrari emblem cake for his birthday, but I was short on time and not confident that my cake would resemble a car at all, so we came to a compromise.

The homemade Ferrari emblem cake was very simple until I got to the horse silhouette. I usually create designs by hand directly onto the cake, but this was a little too detailed for me to risk it.

I printed out the silhouette and placed a piece of waxed paper over the top, securing it with tape. I then proceeded to outline the horse with melted chocolate from my pastry bag. After about an hour at room temperature, the chocolate had set and I was able to peel it right off the waxed paper, though not without a break at the tail. That was a simple enough fix… just like a puzzle piece on an already sticky cake.