I made this Homemade Ferrari Birthday Cake Design for a boy in love with cards, so I wanted it to be really special. As you may or may not have seen on this website, there is a method called icing transfer that helps you to create images that onto cakes by copying image on wax paper, freezing it and then applying it carefully onto your cake. I have done this on two other occasions with great results, I almost stopped with this cake. He loves Ferrari but I could not find a easy copy, this was the best image I could find. I had to print it out onto two sheets and then tape together.

Looking over the image I tried to put it into it’s simplest form and concentrate mainly on shadows, base color, and highlights. I first colored over the areas that were small and little detailed, then I concentrated on my shadow and highlight areas, ending with the main base areas, like the hood and windshield. I used a toothpick to try to blend some areas as I worked capturing most of the image as best as I could. Through-out process I had to lift up image carefully and tightly so that I could see my process and if it was correct.

Once finished I outlined and covered image with “dirty ice” color and then corn starched my hand and lightly pressed to seal in everything. Once I was satisfied I placed in a emptied freezer, image was almost size of freezer floor. After freezing overnight and “dirty iced” cake, I carefully with the help of extra hands flipped onto cake with wax paper on top facing me. I toothpicked outling all the way around and very slowly began to peel away wax paper from image. The amount of icing the image was made up of, I think, really helps it to freeze solid and come off easily.

I then proceeded to decorate with a simple background. I almost forgot, the night before I prepared Ferrari emblems and a #10 out of white chocolate. After melting my chocolate I poured into Ziploc zip-top bags and snipped a small corner off. On wax paper, I just drew out a #1 and 0 and then filled in. For the emblem I drew a shield type shape and filled that in and then placed in freezer with image. In the morning on shields I used food writers to draw on chocolate on solid smooth side. I tried to come as close to image as my abilities allowed. Once cake was decorated, I left sides white and then on front and back copied Ferrari logo there and on sides wrote 10 with chocolate emblems on each side “glued” to cake with frosting. The #10 I just laid on top as you can see.

Overall I am happy with results but such a life-like picture was very difficult to copy with just icing.