Easy Homemade Fire Engine Cake

I used the tips on the Family Fun website to make this fire engine cake for my son’s 3rd birthday.

It was a very easy cake to make and my son really enjoyed looking at it for it ages. The more sweets you can pack on the better!

You bake a rectangular cake and then cut it into pieces (see website) to get the fire engine shape.

I used ready-made frosting, dyed with red or black where necessary. To decorate, I used M&M’s, jellytots, jelly sweets, Oreos, mini eggs, allsorts, licorice, and some pink toffee stick for the ladder. You just have to look around and see what is available.

I also made some fire engine ‘edibles’. I filled an ice cream cone (cup cake variety) with little sweets and then stuck it upside down on a round (Marie) biscuit. I then used icing to make a smiley face, stick sweets around the side, and stick a ready made icing fire-engine on the top. You can use whatever ready-made icing characters they have at your local baking shop.

We also had the fire engine come and put the sweets in a fire hat.

Fire Engine Cake

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