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Coolest First Birthday Under the Sea Cake

This First Birthday Under the Sea Cake is really easy! Just two square cakes (Madeira is best type of cake to make), the smaller one placed in a diamond shape over the bigger, bottom cake. The 3rd top cake was made using a small loaf tin, and cutting it into a square.

I used butter frosting with a tip of green coloring added to the blue coloring to make a turquoise color. The creatures (octopus, seahorse, fish, starfish, shells and balls) and seaweed were made out of plastic icing that I colored and cut out by hand (so I could create the correct color and size and shape of each creature.

The googly eyes are plastic ones bought in a craft shop.) The number 1 is a candle. The creatures and seaweed were placed around the whole cake so that the cake looked the same at the back as it did in the front. Brown sugar was used for the beach sand.

This First Birthday Under the Sea Cake was a hit with kids and adults! Good luck! Enjoy!

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  1. AISHA-Mahi, Hajirabibi, and your mum viewed this cake together. They all could not get over the beautiful and intricate work. the cake must have been a winner with all the little ones. Enjoy making cakes. Sallams Mum.


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