I made this cake for my daughter Stephanie’s surprise baby shower, the theme of the shower was “Under the Sea”. We usually team up to do these detailed cakes together but this time I was on my own due to the fact that the cake was for her surprise baby shower.

I started out with baking the cakes; 2-15″x9″ sheet cakes,2-9″ rounds:1-6″ round and 1-3″ round. As they were baking I gathered and organized all my other ingredients I needed to finish the cake. I pre-made all my creatures such as the fish,whale, eel, octopus and also all the coral out of modeling chocolate so it wouldn’t be so stressful the day I was going to do the baking and assembling of the cake. I also made a baby out of modeling chocolate and tinted it with very little peach gel then filled my silicon mold and put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

After the time was up I carefully removed it from the mold and set it aside until I was ready to place it on the cake. I made a pink hat and a white blanket out of modeling chocolate and placed them on the baby. By then the cakes were cooled so I started to ice them. I tinted some vanilla butter cream icing with some cotton candy flavoring mix to represent the water for the sea. When the water effect was finished I started placing my creatures, coral and all of the other pieces on the cake.

I spelled out my grand daughters name in edible letters and put them on the front side of the cake, next I put the molded baby atop of a pink bandana inside the wooden treasure chest and put on the very top of the cake. My daughter loved the cake very much and was amazed at the details that I created. I was complimented by the guests throughout the shower. The cake was delicious too!! I can’t wait for my next challenge.