Coolest Under The Sea Castle Cake

This Homemade Under The Sea Castle Cake was made for my friend’s little girl. She said he wanted an under the sea them with a castle for Ariel. I made the fish cup cakes using M&M’s for scales and eyes, then fruit slices for the tails. The octopus have gummy worms for held on by toothpicks and skittles for eyes. The actual cake bottom is 2 ten inch cakes and the top is 2 six inch cakes.

For the towers I used tooth pics to secure to regular icecream cones together. The top is a waffle cone. I soaked the bottom of the waffle cone so I could peal it to size without it breaking. Then I mixed food coloring with water and painted it onto the cones then rolled them in sugar crystals to make them sparkle. I then piped icing to secure them. I place it all on a piece of cardboard that was iced blue to make it look as if it was in the water. I found gummy octopus and used Swedish fish for decorations, and large gumdrops for rocks.

Homemade Under The Sea Castle Cake

Homemade Under The Sea Castle Cake

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