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Cool Homemade Under the Sea Birthday Cake

I made this under the sea birthday cake for my granddaughter Elle’s 5th birthday. All of my grandchildren are fascinated with sea creatures. They have all kinds of sea creature books, so I just looked through all of them and got inspired.

Under the Sea Cake Details

  • I used cookie cutters for many of the sea creaturs and cut them out of fondant, but I enhanced the turtle so he would have fins and I made up the design for the stingray.
  • The rocks are fruit snacks and the sea weed is fruit by the foot that I cut out.
  • The sand is crumbled vanilla wafers.
  • I made the jelly fish by forming a dome and then making the stingers with a Play-Doh spaghetti maker.
  • I used edible eyes for many of the creatures.

All of my grandchildren liked this cake so much that I made another one for Elle the following year. I also made a shark cake for her brother (see image), a dolphin cake for their cousin Paige (see image) and a Nemo cake for her brother, Dane (the image of this one wouldn’t load).

Coolest Under the Sea Birthday Cake

Coolest Under the Sea Birthday Cake

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