I made this homemade fish cake for my husband who loves to go fishing. I used 5 different sized layers only 1 layer each started with a 6″ round and went all the way up to a 10″ round. I put each cake on cake boards and separated with dowel rods and put one long dowel rod through the entire top of cake to bottom of cake to keep it in place.

I iced the cake in buttercream and wrapped in marshmallow fondant for the sides in 2 separate pieces. I folded the tops over to make an edge. I used wire and bent to make it like handle shape and then covered it in fondant and stuck one on each side. I made the fish out of rice krispie treats and covered in fondant. I put a dowel rod through the fish head and then put on cake to hold it in place.

I made a fondant fish tail and put it on the back part. I used blue buttercream and covered the top of the homemade fish cake. I also made the lure and worms out of fondant. Hope I mentioned everything, anyways it was really fun to make and my husband loved it.