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Easy Homemade Fishing Cake

This Fishing Cake is 2 11×15 cakes put together. I got candy rocks, and use brown sugar for sand. I had to level one cake so i used some of it to make a hill. The trees are an old Christmas tree limb.

The cattails are Q-tips painted brown with kids water paint and some greenery I cut and hot glued to some flower wire. Add a few frogs and a snake. I made the wedding topper with 2 wooden hearts and a wooded fence. Dowel rods for the fishing poles and safety pins fishing line. I made hook and a weigh from one safety pin and used beads for the bobbers. I made the folding chair from tooth picks and thick paper and material and a hot glue gun. I made the fishing net from tooling. Sew a triangle and sewed it onto a key ring then took flowerwire and wrapped it around the ring and a small piece of dowel rod.

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