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Cool Homemade Fishing Scene Cake

I baked a chocolate sponge cake (9″ round) and filled with chocolate buttercream to make this fishing cake. I made the cake level using fondant icing, layered with apricot jam and then covered with marbleized icing coloured green and white.

I then cut an indentation in the top for the pond.

The mud edges were made using chocolate flavored fondant molded into the correct shape and then stuck on using a small amount of royal icing. The flowers are made from sugarpaste as is the rose bush, fishing bait box, reeds, ladybird, frog, lilies and lily pads. (These were all made several days in advance).

I pieced the cake together using the sugar decorations, finished the ‘mud’ off by grating milk chocolate onto the edges. I made the fishing rod out of a skewer with cotton thread which dangles into the water. The water was made with green/blue royal icing poured into the indentation, which was then covered with piping gel to make it look wet.

Then using a fine nozzle piped the wording onto the pond as if it was the continuation of the fishing line. Using flower paste I then molded the red ‘float’ at the end of the line. I used Mexican paste to mold the fishing sign and painted on the message with food colour and a fine paintbrush. The rocks were made from black and white fondant rolled together.

Good Fun!

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