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Coolest Floating M & M’s Birthday Cake

I made this Floating M & M’s Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd & 4th birthday.

I had an M & M dispenser with a beach theme so took that into the cake itself. I used a white tub for the ‘pool’ the M & M’s were floating in. I cut a round piece of cardboard to fit toward the top of the tub so the ‘pool’ would only be cake deep. I put a box underneath the circle of card board so the cake would stay level and not tip.

I made 2-9 x 13 in chocolate (from the box) cakes and cut them to fit the round area. It wasn’t pretty, but it was be covered with frosting. I made 2 egg shaped chocolate cakes using Wilton’s egg shaped mold for the M & M’s. I’d suggest using yellow cake for the yellow M & M as it was hard to frost it without chocolate crumbs showing through.

I cut off the bottom so they would sit & look like they were floating in the pool. I made frosting from scratch and lots of it. I dyed it myself with the concentrated gel from Wilton’s for each of the the 3 colors, pool, yellow & blue M & M’s. I used fondant for the eyebrows, eyes, mouth & ‘m’. The life preservers and beach ball I made out of store bought colored fondant.

It was pretty time consuming, but not overly difficult. You could make the fondant pieces ahead of time and store in a tightly sealed container. The cakes too can be made and stored in the freezer.

Overall I was very happy with the results and so were the birthday girls and guests. It was hard to cut into ‘yellow’ & ‘blue’.

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