Coolest M&M Birthday Cake

My best friend’s son was having a pool party for his 10th birthday. She was traveling that week and wouldn’t have time to make it, so I volunteered to make a M&M Birthday Cake.

I used Wilton’s sports ball pans for the M&M and made it chocolate (of course, right?). The halves are held together with chocolate fudge icing. The “ring” is a bundt that I cut a bit out of the middle to fit the big M&M. The pool is a single layer 11×15.

I loosely mixed white and dark blue for the pool water and the ring is using red, white and Wilton’s tubed red/white stripe. The M&M is in a vibrant purple, made by my husband. Everything is piped on (oh my hand hurt after all those stars!), but next time the M’s and the eyes will be cut out of fondant; the purple began to bleed through.

It was soo much fun and everyone loved it, especially (and most importantly) the birthday boy.

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