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Coolest Football Field Birthday Cake

I made this homemade football field birthday cake for my son Jonathan’s 6th birthday. Every year I try to make him whatever he wants and because he loves Penn State Football he wanted me to make him a PSU football cake.

This homemade football field birthday cake was a lot of fun but pretty time consuming. It was the first time I had used marshmallow fondant that I had also made from scratch. But I think in the end it all turned out pretty good! :) My son loved it and that’s what counts!

The base of the cake (the field) was made with chocolate cake using a large metal cake pan that held 3 boxes of cake mix — sorry not sure of the actual size (borrowed it from a friend). The cake was iced with white icing that I dyed green with regular food coloring. Then it was covered with coconut that I had also dyed green for that grassy look.

For the football I made homemade rice krispies and molded them into a life size football shape then flattened the bottom so it would lay flush on the cake. I covered the rice krispie football with white icing and then with white fondant which I later painted with brown food coloring. The lion and end zones were also made from fondant which I had also painted with the food coloring because I couldn’t get it to turn the desired color by kneading it.


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