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Coolest Fruity Butterfly Cake

For my daughter’s summer birthday, we wanted something with flavors my family liked that still looked special for a birthday. So, I made a Fruity Butterfly Cake with chocolate cake from scratch and baked it in a butterfly shaped pan (although I think it would be just as easy to cut the shape from a 9X13). Then I covered it with simple white cream cheese frosting. Then I sprinkled grated chocolate over the middle to make the body of the butterfly. I just grated a chocolate bar with my cheese grater and let my kids cover the body very densely.

To decorate the wings, I cut up strawberries and melon to make the wings alike (this was a fun puzzle for my kids to help decorate too). I was a bit slow to cut the fruit into thin slices that were not angled toward the center but kept my cuts parallel to each other – this gave me bigger and more even sections of melon to work with and better matched circles from the strawberries.

Then we arranged the candles as the antennae and served with ice cream and the extra fruit scraps.

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