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Coolest Full-Size Piano Keyboard Cake

A friend of mine played keyboards in a local band. When he was turning 50, I was asked to make a keyboard cake for him. I had only ever worked with fondant a few times, on a very small scale. I don’t know why I thought I could make a full size keyboard cake and cover it in fondant, but I said I would!  I don’t recall how long it took to bake the amount of cake needed, but I know the assembling took me 12 hrs! A lot of tears!  But in the end it looked pretty darn good!

We took it to a local bar/restaurant where his band was performing, and set it up where he would be expecting to set up his real keyboards. People knew a cake was going to be there or his birthday, but some people walked right past it (not realizing it was cake).  That made me feel pretty good.

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