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Coolest Game of Uno Cake

I was asked to make this Game of Uno Cake for the mother of one of my friend’s who loves playing the game of Uno. First I made 2 10″ round sponge cakes, let them cool and then put one half onto a 12″ round cake board, put jam and butter cream on one side, then added the other cake on top.

I then rolled out a kilo of white fondant to which I covered the board and cake in one go. I added ribbon around the outside and used a crimper tool to make the decoration around the top edge. For the bottom I used a shell tool to decorate the edge. These tools I bought from my local sugarcraft centre.

I then traced around the shape of the card, traced it onto thinly rolled out petal paste, and used a craft knife to cut out the shape. I then used the same process to get the patterns of each card, still using petal paste in different colours to which I coloured with petal dust. I used alphabet and number cutters for the decoration. I then rolled out a sausage of fondant and laid it onto the top of the cake to the shape I wanted to lay out the cards.

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