Cool Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake With Oreo Wheels

My son LOVES all things garbage so I decided he needed a garbage truck themed 3rd birthday. I made a Garbage Truck Birthday Cake from a single-layer 9×13 cake, cut out a small chunk at the top left, and eased the top right corner to make the shape of a garbage truck. I also cut out small half-round notches at the bottom for the wheels (3 stacked Oreo cookies).

Then I mixed Wilton orange coloring into some tub white frosting and very carefully frosted the cake to avoid picking up crumbs where I had cut out cake pieces. I then used black Wilton tubed frosting to make the outline and letters, and stuck the Oreo “wheels” up into the frosting so they’d stick. To finish, I mixed some blue coloring into a bit of white frosting and frosted a small piece of the cake I had cut out to make the recycle can.

My son and his little friends loved his cake!