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Cool Homemade Godzilla Birthday Cake

My son is a huge Godzilla fan and nothing else would do for his birthday. I didn’t want to tackle making Godzilla from fondant or gum paste so I purchased a figure he had been wanting and used it on the cake. After the party he had a new toy.

So for this Godzilla Birthday Cake I made a sheet cake from scratch. If you don’t want to make it from scratch but like the taste of homemade add a little vanilla flavoring to your cake mix it will make a huge difference.

I made the city scape with Wilton Colorflow mix. Just make sure to make it up several days ahead of time. It took this 2 days to dry. I still had some trouble with it trying to crack but I just told him Godzilla had already been through the city..lol.

I used homemade buttercream icing. Made the grass smooth around the edges and used a grass tip on top with a basic border around the edge. The road made a perfect spot for a birthday greeting. My son loved it and was so excited about the city.

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