I threw a Wizard of Oz birthday for my little girl’s first birthday. I knew I wanted the cake to be the Emerald City and after searching relentlessly for different ideas, I came up with the idea of pulled sugar. I read up on how to do this and bought a 25 lb. bag of sugar at the bulk items store and started practicing 3 months in advance. This is what I ended up with.

The Emerald City and rainbow are all made out of sugar! The base cake is a 21″ circle and the yellow brick road was simply yellow sugar. It took 4 cake mixes to fill this pan. If you do attempt to pull sugar, wear rubber gloves and be sure to use a silpat mat, pulling sugar isn’t possible without a silpat mat!

The “grass” was made by using the Wilton grass tip and the poppies were sugar gel, Wilton brand. The icing was homemade butter cream. The invitations were a pop-up of the Emerald City. I also bought silk poppies on clearance at the end of summer and lined my sidewalk with them. The sidewalk was covered in yellow felt.

The party hats were Tinman, scarecrow and lion party hats all of which I made myself. With the extra pulled sugar that was green, I made chunks, put them in small baggies and sent them home at party favors with a tag that read “Emerald City Candy Co. Your own little chunk of the Emerald City”. I also put a sign on the door that read “Bell out of order…please knock”. There was a hot air balloon in the front yard and on the bathroom door was a sign that read “Oz Wash & Brush Up Co.”