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Coolest Goldfish Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I used packet cake mix for the cake part (Greens butter cake), it is really tasty and very reliable. I made butter icing for the icing and flavoured it with vanilla essence. My skills don’t lie in decorating so my husband and my sister had fun with that part!

To make the body shape I used a 24cm round cake tin. I then made a 20cm round cake and cut out a wedge to make a tail shape. I cut out a crescent shape so the tail would sit close up against the body part. The wedge was then cut up to make the fins and the crescent part made the lips. My sister applied the icing using a palette knife. My husband “drew on” the scales using a glitter icing tube from the supermarket. We filled the scales in using different coloured sprinkles also bought from the supermarket.

The hardest part was getting the sprinkles to stick to the icing especially where the cake sloped downwards, the sprinkles rolled off and stuck to the glitter icing. To solve the problem we roughed up the icing using a toothpick and then applied the sprinkles very slowly through a funnel made from paper. The funnel allowed us to accurately direct the sprinkles onto the places we wanted them without losing too many over the cake and spoiling the effect. We had to lightly press the sprinkles into the icing to hold them on. We added a bit of ‘bling’ to the fish tail by using metallic blue cachous, and used glittery blue icing to make stripes on the fins and tail.

We made bubbles from the goldfish mouth with blue m&m?s and metallic blue cachous.

We were really happy with the end result and as my husband said the fish was delish! A big thank you to my sister and brother-in-law who balanced the cake on their lap in the back seat for the hour journey it took to get it to the party!

Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake

Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake

Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake

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