Coolest Gothic Castle Cake

When my daughter was going through her Gothic phase, I made this Gothic Castle Cake for her thirteenth birthday. The castle was fashioned from one 13×9″ vanilla cake and one 13×9″ chocolate cake. I cut one of them to make the top floor and placed the remnants on either side of the bottom layer to make a larger ground floor.

I colored homemade fluffy frosting with black food coloring to make it gray and used dark chocolate Kisses, Snowcaps, and large chocolate bars for the accents. The drawbridge was made with toothpicks, and the towers from Oreo ice cream cones (topped with a dollop of frosting and a Snowcap). Granted, I should have used dark chocolate for the drawbridge and windows, as well, but the kids loved it. And when the candles were lit on the top, it looked awesome.

After the castle was “sieged”, there were only crumbs and a few random smears of frosting left!

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