Coolest Piano Cake

I made this Piano Cake for my daughters’ friends’ birthday last year. It was my second attempt at a piano cake, and was a huge improvement on the previous attempt.

The cake was made with Madeira sponge, cut to shape and covered in white fondant. The lid of the piano was made from flower paste, and allowed to set firm before attaching to the piano with royal icing.

I made the little girl based on the appearance of my daughters’ friend, trying to make it resemble her as best I could. I made the sheet music from flower paste rolled extremely thinly to resemble paper, and drew the music core on with an edible pen. The keyboard was made in a similar way.

I love edible glitter and therefore sprinkled a liberal amount on both the cake and the board to give it a bit of glamor.

I had great fun making this cake, and gained huge satisfaction from it. My daughters’ friend loved it and has kept the figure of herself.

Homemade Piano Cake

Homemade Piano Cake

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