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Easy Homemade Graveyard Cake

We made this Spooky Graveyard Cake for my 10 year old’s Halloween themed birthday party. The cake is made from 2 chocolate cake mixes in a 12X18 pan. Frosting is chocolate fudge. We used Milano cookies for tomb stones and wrote on them with glittery black gel icing.

The fence is from my son’s army men play set and the hands along the back of the cake were a Dollar Store find. For the “dirt” we used crushed graham cracker crumbs. We added a few more Dollar store plastic spiders and we had a really cool graveyard cake.

We put more plastic rats, spiders, centipedes and snakes around the cake to help dress up the table. We also served “finger” cookies and witched brew punch complete with a floating hand.

I would say that the party was a success!

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