My mother turned 50 2 years ago. At 40 she had her 1st birthday cake ever (because her birthday is on Thanksgiving). She cried so hard over a plain cake I knew I had to do something good for her 50th.

Well I also make chocolates  and have lots of molds for Halloween.  So I  broke out the tombstone molds. Some I did with purple “RIP” and outlines, others  in white, both filled with milk chocolate. I made some with white chocolate, but added black coloring to get a real nice grey that looks like stone.

I found a candle at the store that was a tombstone and said “over the hill” on it.  I placed that in the middle of the cake, then in front of it I used some icing to make a small rectangle (like a fresh grave), then I put crushed Oreo crackers on top to look like dirt.

Then I made some icing green and used a grass tip to cover the whole cake. After that I added all the tombstones, making sure not to make them all even and to put some leaning.

Then all I had to do was say  “thanx” to all the compliments, lol.