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Coolest Green Lantern Birthday Cake

My son always wants a cake with a superhero or t.v. character I can never find. This year he wanted a Green Lantern birthday cake.

The simplest idea I could come up with (I am a beginner so the simpler the better) was to put the Green Lantern’s logo on the cake. I searched for images of the logo, copied it to my photos, and printed and cut it out to fit a 9 inch round, layered cake.

I started with 1 store bought chocolate cake mix and 2 containers of white icing. I baked the cake in 2-9 inch round pans and let them cool. I trimmed the bottom layer to make both sides as flat as I could and then flipped the cake bottom side up and set it on my platter. It is easier to frost this way as the top will be crumbly. I frosted the bottom layer with the white frosting and then repeated the process to the top layer of the cake. I then mixed the remaining frosting with liquid green food coloring (it was not as green as I would have liked, I would suggest using powder food coloring).

I set the cake in the fridge for about 30 minutes to let the frosting harden. Once it was hard enough, I took the template of the logo and placed it on the cake. I took a toothpick and traced around the paper to leave an outline of the logo and then gently lifted up the paper template. I first outlined the logo with the green frosting using a #3 round tip, and then filled in the logo with the green frosting. I smoothed the frosting in the logo with a small damp paintbrush, and then applied green sugar sprinkles. I finished the cake with some green “buttons” along the bottom.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Green Lantern Birthday Cake”

  1. I don’t bake and I really like what you did…so I am going to bake my son his GL birthday cake for his 13th birthday today :)

    Thank you!


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