Coolest Grill Birthday Cake

I love to cook but am an amateur at baking! My husband wanted grill items for his birthday and after seeing the previously submitted “coolest grill cakes”, I couldn’t resist but to try and make a Grill Birthday Cake. And it was so EASY! I made a chocolate boxed cake in two different sized round cake pans (only because I didn’t have the same size pans). I greased the pans with an even mixture of flour, oil and solid shortening (learned from – this worked!

I placed too much mixture in the small pan and the cake humped up on top. So, I cut the top of the small cake off to make the top flat and ripped off the edges and used that as my hamburger! It made it look really real and was easy to cut and eat. The cheese is a melted orange starburst. The two hot dogs are melted yellow and pink starbursts. I melted in the microwave for 15 seconds and then smashed together like play dough, rolled them out, tapped the ends and bent a little. The red hot wiener is a red star burst melted and twisted at the end. The grates are black licorice cut to be thin.

Everyone loved the cake and I cannot wait to make another one!

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