Coolest Gun Cake Ever

I have three children who’s birthdays are all in September 10th, 12th, and 16th. Three years ago I decided to try and make their cakes to try and save money. So I tried and they didn’t turn out too bad. So I started searching the internet to learn more about cakes and fondant etc. You would be surprised the things you can learn on the internet or I was. Anyhow, my nephew’s birthday was coming up and he wanted me to make him a special cake. Well, he is into hunting just like his dad, so I was sure he would like a gun cake.

I sketched a rifle, I always sketch my cakes first so I’ll have a stencil so I know about how big my cake will be. I started thinking that is not going to be very much cake so I doodled different options like a pillow, or gun case etc. to put the gun on and my nephew and his dad liked the gun case. So I started my cake… I baked two 13X9 cakes and placed them together for the gun case and covered it in fondant. I made hinges that turned out really great, even had the look of screws and the locks for the front of the gun case. I used a ruler to put a crease in the middle of it one my kids really thought it would open (lol). I told my brother I could try to make a blanket out of fondant to put over the gun case for the gun to lay on and he wanted a confederate flag, which I was thinking is easier than an American flag, so I made it and lay it on top of the gun case. I put wax paper on the edges of the gun case cake so when I was decorating the gun I did not mess up the bottom cake. Make sure to make the wax paper easy to pull out without messing up the cake when you are finished. Then I placed two more 13X9 cakes together to make the gun, I wanted the gun a littler smaller than the gun case that’s where my stencil came in handy.

I covered the gun in fondant. To get the wood stain look, which I thought was really cool and so did everyone else loved it, I made my brown out of food coloring and painted the fondant with a small paint brush. It turned out really good it really looked like wood grain. I then made two shotgun shells and stood them beside the cake, one standing up the standing upside down because he was turning 11. It turned out great to us I hope you like it too.

Homemade Gun Cake Ever

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