Cool DIY Army Tank Cake

This army tank cake was our son’s 4th birthday as he wanted an army themed party. My husband baked 3 cakes and then layered and carved them with a knife and dental floss. Then he used Oreos for the wheels and tootsie rolls for the tires around the Oreos.

He softened up tootsie rolls in a metal bowl that he stuck in a pot of boiling water and covered (kinda like melting down candle wax on the stove) and then rolled it out with 2 pieces of wax paper with a rolling pin. He used raw spaghetti noodles for the antennas and put black icing on them.

Then the big gun is a pretzel and the little gun by the army figure is a candle. He colored the icing and then decorated the cake and the ground and used crushed up Oreos for the dirt(smashed in a bag with a meat mallot). The logs under the tank are tootsie rolls.

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