Coolest Gun Cake

My Stepdad is a James Bond fan so for his birthday I made this Walther PPK cake, Bond’s weapon of choice!

I made two cakes in loaf tins, and filled them with buttercream and jam then chilled them.

I printed a picture of a PPK and then just enlarged it by hand very simply to the size required, then placed it over the cake and cut!

I coloured some butter icing grey, using some black writing icing, (all I had!)and covered the cake where the gun was supposed to be metal, and for the butt, used chocolate butter icing.

For the curved section under the trigger I could not get the cake to do as it was told! So I used a piece of card and covered it in butter icing.

Then I used black writing icing and copied some of the writing from the picture i found on the internet, also some of the detailing but a simplified version! and some choc buttons at the end of the barrel.

I cut out the 007 from black rolled icing, and then stuck the candle in the barrel!

It looked great!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Gun Cake”

  1. Very Cool and Classy Cake…

    My Husband is a Gun Enthusiast… So , I am thinking of making this cake. Could you may be share a lil more detailed info on this cake.. Like Size and Quantity…?



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