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Coolest Halloween Birthday Cake

Every year I make a Halloween Birthday cake for my son. Last year was a 3D zombie. This year he couldn’t make up his mind so I combined a few Halloween basics and put them all together! I baked 2 cakes in bundt pans and stacked them on top of each other to make the pumpkin. I removed pieces of the cake for eyes and a surprised mouth with a shot glass. I frosted it and put battery operated tea lights in the holes.

I used toothpicks, black licorice and green hostess snowballs to make a spider crawling on the pumpkin. I also used a snowball for the stem of the pumpkin. The ghost is made of rice krispie treats and covered in fondant. I used candy corns and licorice for the face. I even threw a few gummy worms on the pumpkin as if they were crawling out of its brain!

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