Fall Time Display Cake

Fall Time Display Cake

This Fall time display cake is really just a cake that I made to sit on the shelf at work. It’s made with a “fake cake” but I used real butter cream frosting. I started with white butter cream frosting and airbrushed the whole cake. To get the look of each wooden board I used a side icer and … Read more

Coolest Slot Machine Birthday Cake

Coolest Slot Machine Birthday Cake

This slot machine birthday cake was for an 80 year old lady who loves going to the casino and playing the slots! I used white and choc cake to make this one. The top rounded part of the cake is a 8″ round cake cut in half then frosted together and stood up on the … Read more

Awesome Pirate Birthday Cake

Awesome Pirate Birthday Cake

This awesome Pirate birthday cake is the second one I have made for this boy. The first one is no where close to being as cool as this one is!! The frosting used for this one is the whipped frosting. Then I used the airbrush to add the color. The boat on top is really meant for a … Read more

Mom’s Harley Davidson Cake

Mom's Harley Davidson Cake

This cake was for my mom’s surprise birthday party. She loves everything Harley and love her bike! So what better cake than a  Harley Davidson cake! It’s a all white cake but in between each layer there is bright orange frosting. The Willie G Skull on top and the spikes around the top tier are made out of fondant.  … Read more

Coolest Pig Cake

Homemade Pig Cake

This pig cake was for my mom’s 50th birthday. She loves Harley Davidson so I made this biker pig for her. I used the 3D Teddy bear cake pan from Wilton to make the cake. After it was baked I just cut the bear ears into points to make them look like pig ears. For … Read more

Coolest Over The Hill Cake

Over the Hill Cake

For this Over the Hill cake I used two 13×9 cakes and put them together, one chocolate and one yellow. I always make my own frosting for all the cakes that I do. I use white buttercream then dye it the colors that I need. For the design on the cake, I used some of … Read more

Coolest Graduation Cake 20

Graduation Cake

This graduation cake was for my husband’s sister’s 8th grade graduation party. For the cake I used two 13×9 cakes, one chocolate and one yellow and put them together. For the frosting I used my own (buttercream)recipe. For the colors on the cake I used the colors of the school that she went to, yellow … Read more

Cool Homemade Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

I made these mini Halloween cupcakes in 4×1 1/4 inch cake pans. I got the pans off of the Wilton web site. For the warewolf cakes I used brown frosting and a number 16 tip for the hair and just pulled it out a little bit. For his ears I used tip number 67 (leaf … Read more

Coolest Turkey Cake

Turkey Cake

For Thanksgiving I wanted to make a turkey cake, but I didn’t want it to be a flat cake so I found this one and tried it out. I used the Rubber Ducky cake pan from Wilton to make this cake. I used pound cake, cake mix just to make sure that the feathers in … Read more

Coolest Bride of Frankinstien Cake

Bride of Frankinstien Cake

This Bride of Frankinstien cake was for a little girl’s 3rd Birthday/Halloween Party. This was one of my first cakes like this. But after I was done with it I was really pleased with it. Everybody at the party could not stop talking about how good it looked. I used loaf pans and baked 4 … Read more

Cool Homemade Harley Davidson Cake

Homemade Harley Davidson Cake

I made this Harley Davidson cake for a 50th birthday party. I made the cake with 2 13×9 cakes side by side. One yellow and one chocolate. Then I baked another 13×9 yellow cake and put it one top of the other ones long ways. I got a picture of the Harley Davidson logo online … Read more

Cool Homemade Grave Digger Cake

Grave Digger

This Grave Digger cake was my son’s 4th Birthday cake. He loves Grave Digger. Everybody loved the cake at the party. They all thought that it was a great idea that I really smashed the match box cars so that they looked like they were really run over. For the hills I just baked some … Read more