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Coolest Redback Spider Cake

My son kept requesting a Redback Spider Cake, even though he hates spiders, but in the end I gave in.

Originally the spider was to sit on top of the base cake but it ended up being too large to sit on the base so it was by fluke that we ended up with this spider looking like its climbing onto the bottom cake.

As per my favorite flavors, the spiders is layered chocolate mud, white chocolate mud and butter cake for stability and the square base is pure mud cake.

I covered the whole thing in Betty Crockers ready made icing so it was super simple, chocolate flavored on the spider and vanilla on the square base.

I then stuck pipe cleaner in for the legs. I had red jelly beans making that all important red back mark on the back (sorry can’t see in this picture, liquorish All Sorts for the eyes, jelly bean teeth and red smarty noses. I melted some chocolate and pipes on the spider web markings.

This cake was super simple and was completed within 4 hours from start to finish.

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