Coolest Homemade White Handbag Birthday Cake

My beautiful cousin was 16 in May and I wanted to make a model of her in her end of school prom dress and a handbag. I used one of Lindy Smiths books and combined a couple of her ideas to create this Handbag Birthday Cake.

The handbag is made out of a chocolate cake that I froze and then carved frozen, covered in butter icing and then iced with fondant icing. The handle is made with petal paste that I let dry for a couple of days. I then just painted it with edible silver paint and inserted it into the cake. Because I did not push it in when the fondant icing was just applied, it had started to go hard and the handle made it crack a little, so next time I would add the handle as soon as I iced the cake.

The little model was made using modelling paste. I thought the ringlets would be really hard, but in actual fact they were very easy, and attached easily using some edible glue.

I sprayed the cake using edible lustre spray which I have been wanting to use for ages, and was great fun as well as very effective.

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