It’s soon my daughter’s birthday. I thought I’d make another handbag cake but a different look this time. And I wanted to incorporate things in her life that mean the world to her, this is what I did

I had to do all the modelling first. I made the face and the legs of a pug dog to represent her pet dog Louie who she loves very much. I then printed off two pictures that her daughter drew of me and her granddad. I printed these off small to blend in with the size of everything else. I also made the pencil and colored it in black. Her daughter’s name is Brooke and I’ve got her in training baking cakes and she loves it!

I now made a key ring and put a picture of Nicola and her husband in it and then I made a bottle and two nappies and a bib and wrote I love mommy on it, this is to represent their new baby George, who is 4 weeks old now, so all in all I have incorporated her whole family.

Now it was time to start baking. I baked a 3 layer 7″ round cake and when cold I filled with butter cream and jam, and then I sliced a small piece off the one side of the cake so I could stand it up. I then started to cut the cake into the shape of the bag tapering both sides so it’s thinner at the top edge. I now covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer, meanwhile I colored some roll out icing in lilac ready to cover the cake.

I covered the cake in the lilac icing and then with some of the left over icing I rolled four thin strips and attached these up the four corners to give a bit of definition to the cake. I now rolled out two thick strips to attach to the top of the bag and attached these using a little water, then using one of my modelling tools I pressed a pattern all around the bottom of them.

I now needed to make the handle, with some of the same color icing I mixed in some petal paste, this makes it harden. I now made a long sausage shape for the handle and placed it onto some grease proof paper in the shape I wanted and made some holes in the bottom of each end with a wooden skewer. I left these over night to harden.
The next day I attached two wooden skewers into the top of the cake and attached the handle.

I now covered the cake board in white and pressed flower shapes all around the edge. I then pipe iced around the cake and started cutting out the flowers for the bag in a peach color. I attached the flowers to the cake and then using a button mold I made a peach and a lilac button placing the lilac one in the flower on the bag. I had to hand make the other two buttons for the flowers as my mold wasn’t small enough.

I them attached the key ring to the cake and attached the peach button as detail and then attached the pug dog and with some blue icing I made a blanket to cover him up.
And then I placed the pictures and pencil and the bottle nappies and bib. I cut out a few more flowers for the decoration on the cake board.  I now placed a circle of icing and placed a candle into it and I had earlier cut out an oval shape out of flower paste and allowed it to dry out over my rolling pin so it was now hard so I wrote the birthday message onto it and attached it using a little royal icing.

I’m sure my daughter will be thrilled with it when she sees it.