Coolest Handbag/Purse Birthday Cake Idea

This Handbag/Purse Birthday Cake Idea was made for my friend’s mum for her 65th birthday this November. All I was asked was to make some kind of handbag so the design was left up to me! I scoured the internet and took ideas from other wonderful cakers who had generously shared their cakes.

I started by making the ‘bits and bobs’ such as the flower leaves and the dog that would be attached at the end. I made them all out of flowerpaste to set hard and left them for a day. I made the zip and pull with grey Mexican paste and sprayed it with lustre spray so it would look like metal. I baked a Madeira (pound) cake in a roasting tin. When it was cool I put it in the freezer for a couple of hours which would make it easier to carve.

I sliced the cake in half vertical and lifted each side up and glued them together with jam. I carved the cake into a bag shape smoothing and rounding the edges, then I covered it all in buttercream. I measured the sides then rolled out my icing and covered each side first then the two ends and finally a long piece over the top. I used a brown icing to cover the joins, glued on the zip with edible glue. I placed on the handles that I had made from flowerpaste and dried over a big cup the day earlier. I used edible glue to stick on the flowers and the dog.

I had earlier made the lettering from flowerpaste and cutters to write the message on the cake board and I stuck these on with edible glue. This took me an hour to do and it was most enjoyable, best of all my friends mum loved it!!

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