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Coolest Hawaiian Theme Party Tiki Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Hawaiian themed birthday party and cake. The cake is a white cake  I used coconut milk in place of milk to give it island flavor. The filling in between is pineapple buttercream. I covered cake in white fondant and hand painted it brown with several different browns. I used brown gels and vodka mixed and would wipe it down in some areas to give it the authentic wood look to look. I added crazy facial features with different colored fondant – Crooked teeth, needy eyes, over sized nose, big mouth, laugh lines, and mean eyebrows. I had to do most of the work in my bedroom on a makeshift table because it was the only room with air and the fondant doesn’t do well in the hot and humid weather . The cake was a big hit at her party the kids were a little intimidated by the cake but thought it looked cool. Also my kids are used to trying new flavors and different flavors but most 9 year olds prefer yellow cake or chocolate cake so next time I would change the cake flavors even though it was delicious.

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