I made this Hula Dancer Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and covered with homemade fondant. I used two pans, one ten inches round for the base, and the other shaped like a cone. I sliced the cake into three layers and filled it with chocolate filling .

The hula skirt was made by using a pasta machine and stuck the fondant pasta one by one, then I used air brush with food colouring to paint the skirt with skin colour. I made the necklace from cut paper flowers and cut straws. For the base cake air brushed with pink colour and added some sugar flowers. Made them by rolling the fondant thin and cut it with different shape of flowers cookies cutter, then shaping the petals to a live like flowers and also spray painted them with air brush. The happy birthday sign I printed on the computer and cut.

My daughter was very happy to have this cake for her hula theme birthday party.