This Hello Kitty cake was made for our daughter’s 3rd B-day last year. I started with a simple butter cake mix, flavored with almond extract. When it was done and cooled, I cut it in 3 layers.

While the cake was cooling, I made a raspberry filling, with frozen raspberries, powdered sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. I combined all the above ingredients and cooked it on the stove top on slow fire, until it became creamy. Cooled it off completely.

Before used the filling on the cake, I covered the cake with a thin layer of butter cream to seal it. I iced the outside of the cake with the same butter cream before I covered the cake with the store bought uncolored fondant.

I made the bow from the remaining fondant, used jellybeans for the eyes and nose. And chocolate covered pretzel rods (can be found at the oriental isle in the shopping market) for the whiskers. I also put some blue colored decorating candy on the bow as a nice finishing touch.