Coolest Hi 5 Birthday Cake

I made this Hi 5 birthday cake for a friend of mine. She requested a Hi 5 Cake so I found a picture of the hand and drew it slightly bigger. I doubled a Mud Cake recipe and baked it in a slab pan.

Once baked I cut out the hand shape and placed on a wire rack. Covered the cake with a purple ganache and let it drip over the sides. I rolled out and coloured small bits of Royal icing and cut out the shapes for the letters. I placed the letters on the cake before the ganache set, just so it stuck. And that was it!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Hi 5 Birthday Cake”

  1. Really neat idea my daughter is insane over them and I can recite line by line the entire video we have of them since we only have one and the closest place with something more then a Walmart is 2 hours away. We watch them A LOT!


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