Coolest High School Musical Cake

This High School Musical cake was for my friend’s daughter who was turning 9. She was a huge HSM fan and this design was simple. You can use your kids play-doe set to make this cake.

I used a simple wire from the hardware store and curled it around a pencil. This made it strong enough to hold up the stars. I left a 6in straight piece at the bottom to put in the cake. I cut out 2 stars from leftover fondant and sandwiched them with a hooked wire in the middle with a drop of water. I let it set overnight to dry. I searched this site and it gave me the confidence to make my own and also some ideas.

I made MM Fondant and frosted the cake with a mix of Whip cream and a box of pudding. I used Chocolate pudding for the top with Chocolate cake and vanilla pudding with the yellow cake on the bottom.

When I made the MM Fondant I added the food coloring during the melting step. It made the mess non staining and I did not have to wear gloves.


16oz Marshmallow (small melts faster than the camp size)

Lots of shortening for counter top and hands

2tbs of shortening

2-3 tbs water (I mix with my desired color)

2 1b Bag of shortening

Can melt in double boiler but I found it is smoother if you use the microwave with a glass bowl stir every min.

FROSTING: (light and not too sweet and stands at room temp)no need to refrigerate!

1 lg container of whip Cream (fat free OK)

1 Sm Box of instant pudding (any flavor)

I used this 4x for 10in 3 layer and 3x for 8 in three layer.


I used regular box cake without pudding or butter recipe. For every 2-3 boxes of cake I used 1 box of pound cake to make the cake stronger; fondant is very heavy.

8in cake is 2 chocolate box + 1 pound cake (had a little extra for cup cakes; great to keep the kids away). 10in cake is 3 yellow cakes and 1 pound cake. (I also added large sprinkles to the batter to give it lots of fun color.)

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