This Hippo Birthday Cake was made for my 3 year old daughters’ birthday. Every year I try to make something special for their birthday (I have twins, so I have to find 2 cake ideas every year!!! – go see the polar bear birthday cake ).

I used 2 x 8″ round pans to build this cake. I kept one just like that and I cut the other one to build the top head part. I added the rest of the cake that I cut for the head, on top of the whole round one, so the nose would look bigger.

I covered the cake in sugar dough and I used chipits for the eyes. I placed a little pink ribbon around the head.

My daughter sleeps with this pink hippo stuffed animal since she’s born. I wanted to make something really special for her this year and I think I did pretty good for somebody who never worked with sugar dough before!