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Coolest Hippo Cake

Mom and I made this hippo cake for my daughter Margaret’s 3rd birthday. She is a hippo fanatic. We combined ideas from other pictures and worked out a design as we went along.

We used the marshmallows as teeth to prop the mouth open and added fondant eyelashes and lips! We also put on a little tail with a pink bow on the rear end. This was our first time using fondant, and we were pleased with the results.

The hardest part was deciding how to stack the cake to make the form of the animal. We cut two cakes into several different pieces and we think it turned out great! when you use fondant it covers areas that have to be filed in with icing and makes it a nice smooth top.

Thanks so much to the person who posted the original hippo cake using fondant. It was a great help to see the picture and have something to go on. I would encourage anyone to try your hand at making a hand shaped cake. You never know what you can do until you give it a try!

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