Cool Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake

I made this Hockey Jersey Cake for my son’s hockey windup party. It’s just a regular cake mix.

I used buttercream icing.

I actually had to freeze the cake for a week due to the weather. The party was postponed. I have to say that it tasted just a fresh as the day I would have made it. The buttercream icing was awesome.

5 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Hockey Jersey Cake”

  1. Would you mind sharing how you cut the cake to look like a shirt? How big was the cake pan? Did you bake 2 cakes? Can’t figure out how to make it!! Please share the pattern. Thanks so much!

  2. You will need to bake 2 cakes to get the sleeves onto a a regular 9 X 13 cake, Cut second 9 X 13 into 2 rectangular pieces & connect to the side of the complete 9 X 13 & ice. Best icing recipe is on Wilton website…always use pure white shortening so colors are true & icing dye takes well to it. :)
    Good luck creating!

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